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Spring 2008

MX2 Handheld Computer


From € 2700


MX5 Handheld Computer

LXE MX5 Handheld Computer 

From € 2650


VX1 - Vehicle Mounted Scanner

LXE VX1 Vehicle Mount Computer

From € 4360





Economical, lightweight handheld terminal - ideal for semi-rugged environments.


Comfortable, contoured pistol grip option for scan intensive applications.


Simplify data entry with multiple scanner and keyboard options.



Rugged Pocket PC/Windows CE™ handheld computer.


Vivid color screen - perfect for indoor/outdoor applications.


Numerous autoID/scanner options including a high-resolution imager and full alphanumeric keyboard for easy data entry.


Optional internal heater for low temp applications.



Industry leading Vehicle Mount Terminal, designed to perform in extreme conditions.


Electroluminescent half screen display for maximum visibility indoors and out.


Optional internal heater for extreme cold temperatures.


Integrated keyboard with large backlit keys to allow gloved hand data entry.

VX4 - Vehicle Mounted Scanner
LXE VX4 Vehicle Mount Computer

From € 4000

Full screen, Windows™ based vehicle mount computer with an Intel® Pentium™ processor.


Highbright touch screen display provides enhanced viewing and simplified data entry.


Supports dual hard drives and mixed DOS™ and Windows™ environments for maximum flexibility.


Supports numerous terminal emulation standards.



8300 Powerscan

Standard/Long/X Long Range


8400 Series Wireless Scanners

Standard/Long Range

From € 959       From € 1120

CISCO 1200 Access Points

From € 750




High Spec. Printers from €1300